Stop Arguing


To stop an argument, stop arguing. Then, speak with the fragrance of resolution, not the stink confrontation. The louder the opposition wants to yell, the softer and more confidently you want to speak. Be an example of pure existence having a pure experience. Arguments stem from doubt – using the anger to force verification of a value that you yourself do not truly believe. Convincing another through an argument is actually about convincing yourself.

It is more effective to work the inside. Achieve inner approval and no longer require it from the outside, no longer require others to validate you as no argument is needed. Employ your life-force as a means of being. All that you re becomes merely what you are, all that you are engaged in becomes engaged.

Experience your existence and remove the arguments that deny it – nothing to justify or verify. Experience this without the need for a witness to validate your experience, when no witness or argument is required.

This is a state of grace, true compassion. This is peace of mind and fulfillment of the heart. This is you, loving and leading by example.