State of Grace


Grisht ashram, the life of an awakened householder. Sometimes we use the word enlightened, but it has become such a buzz word and for most people “enlightened” seems like it's an end result. However, there is no such thing as an end result in consciousness because it's a continuum. So we might even say, life of an awakening householder. One of the things that creates tremendous stress on this spiritual path is the division of our lives into two: spiritual life and daily life. We categorize, "this is my spiritual life and spiritual technology and this is my daily life where I use my physical technology". Let us draw upon the ether (the awakening) and apply it to the earth, rather than separating the etheric from daily life. How do we “do our jobs” and live daily life connected? When we quiet down in our core, we can feel oneness. When we quiet down, we change our immediate environment and anyone who hears our voice, anyone who reads our words, anyone who sees our face, is going to transform on the spot. Would that be a worthwhile profession? Might be a good idea to do that for a living within our day job. Continue to do your day job; do it in a state of grace.