Start a Re-evolution


We live in a logical and magical Universe filled with forces of integration and disintegration that produce the play of life and death. There are three primal qualities of this existence -- discovered and defined by the mystics and masters long before the ancient past -- they generate, organize and disintegrate the structure of all life, and all matter, throughout this Universe and beyond on a constant basis. Chaos and calm -- construction and destruction are all caused by the prevailing ratios of these three qualities and nature uses them. But in today’s world, it’s also dependent on the way humans are using and misusing them. These three forces, known as the Gunas in Sanskrit, define -- by their ratios -- the amount of goodness and disruption; ignorance and enlightenment; lightness and shadow are in the world at any moment . . . potential for everything is present always. Human life, like all other life, was traditionally a process defined by survival, but that time expired at least a thousand years ago, and now life is to be about fulfillment. However -- the human world refuses to advance with evolution -- instead, it is staging; perceiving, and reacting to imagined threats of survival . . . humans are the only creature on the entire planet that wages war, pollutes and destroys. Human life now plays out on this field of reacting to threats -- invented of ‘whole-cloth’ -- to fulfill a false perception of instability and an imagined need to survive. The rest of humanity must navigate this mess of imbalanced ratios that are completely out of step with nature. Nature possesses all possibilities . . . you can either expand into the extraordinary, or devolve into ignorance, and by using these three forces in their proper balance, humans can reclaim the intelligence that created them. Our prayer is that you are on the side of the extraordinary; that you practice balancing these forces of nature to bring about health and abundance; that you are aware of the false play of ignorance that’s going on all around you, and then master the navigation; teach it to others, and start a re-evolution.