Spring is here

Found this little beauty in the woods this morning as I was meditating on the cosmic vibrations of present planetary transits. Such a beautiful anchoring experience! The masculine Ram and Lillith in Virgo were in deep conversation ...
Deeper and deeper….
Beautiful crocus,
Do you find the courage to bring joy and faith out of the frozen soil?
Do you have the faith and joyfully pick up the courage to get to the LIGHT?
We live consciously to the degree of our being comfortable with the levels of knowledge that we allow to guide us. For the last 6 years, the deeper knowledge... the intuitive knowledge has been growing tremendously through lessons that added more and more power to the feminine experience, both individually and collectively.
Pluto stationing while old Saturn retrogrades towards Scorpio. This is like sending our own masculine dominative patterns back to check if he left any standing structures in the depth of the Scorpio domain... INTUITION,  the feminine fluidity, our intuitive knowledge can rise through the mental gravity where we have coped with evasion , addiction or laziness.
Every time we have the opportunity to adjust our position to fit our deeper values, we honor the feminine. Since masculine life currents outside are still using domination through fear, the collective massive depression is laying unconscious riding the wave of destruction... but stationary Pluto is adjusting his lens while Saturn clears the air of any fogged up channels that prevent Truth from shining. The unknown dives in deep and magnificently rise up with this ever lasting knowledge that is the true comfort zone of the soul.
This means using all the skills and powers that we have acquired and refined to move with flexibility while adapting consciously to a new vision. In August, Lilith will step out of feminine transformation of  Virgo and enter Libra. Saturn will get on his way out of Scorpio where he has been since 2012, apart from a brief visit to Saggitarian healing session.
This is good news. The discomfort motivates the need to change position. Lillith in Virgo, sign of transformation, brings the feminine power through visions that are much deeper than the womb level logical masculine memories that are printed all over our minds and bodies, structures piled up too often at the doorway of the true Self.
The teachings of great Masters all lead to that doorway, but we have to walk alone into the essence of all that we are and become comfortable using that deeper knowledge in our relationship with life based on values that grow from the darkest place of creation, inside the sweet seed of life in the cosmic womb.
The next six month will present us with images of our own submission to the masculine – logic. The discomfort will show up. When we do not like what we see about ourselves we tend to pull up the blanket instead of changing position! We do this in so many ways that they have become “normal” things to do.  When we get at the doorway of liberation, we hold on tighter to the hand that guided us and we chose to sit there for another round of lessons and rely on outer teaching. This is where a teacher learns the most and it is also where the student becomes a teacher.
In going deeper, let’s check out our inner teacher’s evolution from the masculine angle: where in our lives are we gaining power… and what use do we make of it? Are we empowering others? …and from the feminine angle: How far into the experience of life do we dwell for knowledge? … How much do we allow the raw intuitive divine Light to guide us?
How deep are we ready to go… check out the self limitations and break through with elegance and grace.
Sat Nam.
Shant Joti J Marechal, Astrology of personal evolution, author: Breath, The Invisible Power behind Health and Beauty.