Spiritual Names


In the early days of my Kundalini career, I was a constant stream of questions and fortunately I had Yogi Bhajan's attention because I was his driver so whenever we drove, questions followed. So much so that at one point he gave me the nickname Question Singh. Early on when we began to get our spiritual names, I would notice that he would ask you your name, date of birth and then he would run some numbers on a scratch paper and then give you your name, which was your mantra to live up to. Spiritual names are very magical events because they really open up your consciousness to try and understandwhat it is that you're trying to live up to. But I had a question. My question is very profound, I thought. I guess we had a difference of opinion on that but that wasn't unusual. My question was very clear. How can numerology have any value whatsoever. Your birthday is based on some date that started at some moment and, our birthday's are Gregorian calendar dates!? He looked at me like he was looking at some Martian, which was not unusual either . . . his answer was four words long: There Is One God. Gregorian calendar, Aztec calendar, Vedic calendar, numerology, astrology, your birth date born too soon, born too late, not on schedule, this, that and the other.There is one God and there is a continuous thread that weaves on fabric and it is called the fabric of existence. The Buddha said very profoundly: ''existence is suffering'' because existence represents separation from the One. In your nonexistence, you are the One, in your identity, you are you. When you emerge from the oneness into your identity, whatever came a thousand years ago when Pope Gregory and the Romans designed the Gregorian calendar is all part of the same moment. We believe in a sequential time but it isn't a reality. Time simply is. Time is the movement around space but space exists at one moment. We, through our five senses, have designed this event called time so that everything doesn't happen all at once and space so that it doesn't all happen to you . . . but that is an illusion because it is all happening at once and it is all happening to you. That is what holistic is. Holistic medicine . . . holistic this and holistic that . . . holistic is One.