Humans and pre-humans began speaking very early in their development. All creatures have some form of language, but since we’re not privy to its actual nature, we’ve often discounted its complexity and accuracy. We’ve defined languages, other than our own, as primitive, but that’s our ignorance, for we're now learning that many complexities exist in the languages of animals and also plants . . . complexities we’re not even close to understanding. Computer algorithms have discovered over two thousand varieties of ‘howling’ in wolves -- there are variations within each of these . . . wolves are communicating over two thousand unique messages. Human vocal anatomy is extremely complex . . . you're the only animal that’s currently defined as forming a consonant . . . all creatures form vowels. Vowels produce the sound and consonants direct that sound throughout the body and outside the body. This is the basis of the science of mantra. The word ‘language’ is the compression of two very old words -- langue & guage . . . the gauge or measuring of the length or depth with the tongue. Language allows you to measure the depth of any moment through descriptions using your words. It’s your right to make up words, but very few people exercise this right . . . all words were made up at some point. A great word -- one that was coined by Robert Heinlein in Stranger in a Strange Land 'grok' . . . meaning to absolutely and fully comprehend the details of a moment. Yogi Bhajan invented a word -- it's Humanology; it describes the science of being human that accompanies the practice of a strong, disciplined, spiritual technology. You have every right to use language like you own it. Our prayer is that you have the audacity to exercise this right and speak your mind; to build words that work for you in your world; teach these words to others and use them freely; use all words like they're your friends, for they define the life within you and around you; build relations with your language and discover reasons to speak from your heart. Then, when it’s your moment to be silent, enjoy the silence without a single word.