Speak Properly, Apologize Rapidly, Forgive Quickly And Evolve Your Being


The three rivers that conceive our life-destiny are the Cosmological River (part of the soul’s incarnations), the Genealogical River (path of the bloodline, the family tree) and the chronological experiential River (part of this lifetime’s experiences). Our DNA is what controls the Genealogical River. What this means in terms of our human experience is that DNA crystals carry our life’s preservations and sensations. These frequencies carry the meaning, purpose and evolving nature of the bloodline through timespace.

That is the nature of the human body- it carries consciousness throughout life. Our consciousness is in turn what determines where we are within this massive procession of evolution. Consciousness is the only part of you that travels from life-time to life-time, it is the marker of your evolutionary soul progress. With this progression the message becomes that all things have a profound unity- all things are one.

This is God consciousness.

Discipline --practicing yoga, chanting mantras, reciting prayers and singing songs of love and inspiration -- we do all this for the sake of discipline. For the sounds of our voices and our thoughts impact our collective consciousness.

It is why is is so important to speak properly, apologize rapidly, forgive quickly and evolve your being.

The time to discipline yourself and grow in excellence and consciousness so that your life is fulfilled and becomes an inspiration to all who meet you.