Slow Down


The wind is a great example of potential, and potential can be a great friend, but also an adversary. When there's potential and no clear action, potential appears adversarial . . . the frustration of inaction. However, out of the frustration of inaction, comes the impulse to act . . . then both inaction and frustration are your friends . . . the adversary becomes your friend. When a friend becomes your adversary, they may simply be fulfilling their obligation to stimulate you into action or stillness . . . to stimulate and ignite your potential. Just like any potential, the wind is created by the difference between two pressures. Wherever there's difference, there's friction; wherever there's friction, there's movement; whenever there's movement, there's a natural tension, which produces the stress of potential . . . an opportunity for action or stillness. You're in relationship with all of these forces and qualities at all times. Your relationship is controlled by your attitude, which is the angle at which you face these forces and qualities. This dynamic creates conclusions drawn from the attitude. When you slow down the rhythms of the mind through meditation, this constant potential surrounding you begins to display the opportunities that it always contains. Slow your mind down even further, and these opportunities demonstrate their necessary decisions. You're now in the belly of the workings of nature . . . the more mindful you remain, the more the potential becomes your guiding friend. For this your body requires a healthy spleen (the decision maker), and a neutral mind (the observer). A healthy spleen requires leafy green vegetables in large quantities.

Our prayer is that you slow down your mental rhythms in the midst of your tension, pressure, stress and friction; that you realize these are the elements of potential that may require action or stillness; that you remain clear at all times to make this decision . . . have a green juice, meditate, and embrace the winds of your life . . . no matter what direction they're blowing.

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