Sleep Well


Science notes that when a person sleeps in a strange place -- one that’s new to them -- the brain goes into an instinctual survival mode, it only turns half off . . . one hemisphere remains more “awake” than the other. This is also what happens when you don’t settle down your day before going to sleep. After a challenging day . . . 'settling down' is employing some form of non-substance relaxation, meditation, or perhaps a prayer. This experience of not resting both hemispheres of the brain is part of the ancient ‘vigilance’ mechanisms still contained within the instincts of many animals . . . particularly the water mammals. If water mammals were to fully sleep . . . they’d drown . . . for them this mechanism is essential. However, as humans, when you don't fully rest both hemispheres each night, you don't fully sleep; when you don't fully sleep, you don't fully wake up, and when you don't fully wake up, you operate without the human advantage of your higher awareness. This is the part of your consciousness that shows you the ‘full spectrum’ of each moment. The discovery capacity of your higher awareness has the incredible ability to perceive this ‘full spectrum’ containing the constant opportunities that are available everywhere at all times . . . the solutions to pass through the ‘tests’ of each moment. It’s a law of physics that for every action there’s an equal reaction: therefore within every question there’s always an answer; within every problem there’s always a solution. Your higher awareness knows this; it’s one of the human advantages to produce ‘levity’ in a “heavy” moment; without it, you’re left in the hands of gravity alone. Sleep is medicine -- another way to allow both hemispheres to fully sleep during the night is the use of mantras or affirmations at bedtime . . . mantras are the affirmations you don't have to think about. Either chant for a few minutes, or play them very softly in the background. Our prayer is that you sleep well each night and take advantage of this advantage; that you use the time before sleep to get a good night’s sleep, and that when you wake up, you are fully awake. Sleep well . . . the answers are there waiting for you.