Sing Out the Song of Your Success


Music is the mathematics of sound; equations are the harmonics that promote healing and success . . . physical, emotional, and psychological. Together with the lyrics of your life -- the poems that evolve through the expressions of your heart and mind -- these combinations form the songs that accompany your life. Riding the intersection of these waves -- the lyrics and sounds . . . the poems and harmonies -- you exist in the music amongst them. Some passages of life are in total harmony, while others are in complete disarray . . . when you authentically live within your own version, you experience freedom. This is the freedom affecting all your choices -- free to decide, in every moment, if you’re going for success, or looking for an excuse. Subconsciously, every human knows that success may bring the rejection of jealousy -- and an excuse will often bring sympathy. There’s music imbedded in each of these events. The music of jealousy is that you’re rejected for your great value; the music of sympathy is that you’re not rejected, but you’re living with an excuse. There's jealousy and rejection on every road of success -- around every revelation, or innovation -- this is the music of nature, “for every action there’s an equal reaction.” One of the most common reasons to avoid success and look for an excuse, is to avoid this rejection and receive that sympathy. Humans are the only creatures rewarded with sympathy -- all other creatures in nature, when needing an excuse, will often perish. Humans use the “sweetness” of sympathy to demonstrate caring, and ultimately compassion, but it needs to be used sparingly, otherwise it replaces success. Our prayer is that even when you’re surrounded by jealousy and rejection; even when the tensions of chaotic melodies are attacking you; even when that “sweet” sympathy is waiting for your excuse -- even then -- you sing out the song of your success . . . the one that’s been playing in your heart since the day you were born . . . the one that’s always singing in your head, with all those unusual harmonies, and the true sweetness and freedom of success.