sing, laugh, share, dance & prosper


Daily life, with memory and anticipation, delivers opportunities of joy and upset on a moment to moment basis. The question is, which ones are you going to buy, which ones are you going to subscribe to, or rent -- even if you choose to not purchase. A true life skill is saying yes, or no to any moment, and to do so without ever feeling obligated, or guilty. This is not something to think about -- thinking travels through the channels of your preferences, and preferences are completely historical and future based . . . you want to be in this moment. To repsond accurately to this moment you must understand this moment -- not tilted by the future, or tainted by history. This moment is the living moment and has everything you require to understand and respond with trust and faith -- make a decision, and move forward. All of this can go on unnoticed, as if it's pure and natural. To naturally function like this, set aside time for a daily practice of conjuring up the experiences of greatness in your world; breathe this great sense deeply into your lungs; experience it viscerally -- feel it throughout your gut and chest. Keep breathing gently, deeply and experiencing this for three minutes each day. You are locking in a touchstone to unemotionally make those tough decisions from. Technically, within every moment, every 'thing' springs forth from nothing; this is the nature of cause and affect. When you breathe and re-experience your greatest moments -- every new moment becomes an exposure of this vastness; the opportunities to be joyous are found living amongst the upsets, and the upsets are understood for what they are, or as Yogi Bhajan once told me, "Being upset is a set up." When you clear your moments, life proceeds with greater vitality . . . you are not being set up; your energy is not being drained . . . all from deeply breathing your sense of joy. Our prayer is that you practice this on a daily basis and take on the opportunities to be upset as moments for understanding; use the joyful moments to sing, laugh, share, dance and prosper. If you're going to be set up, set your self up for a really good time.