Sing for Joy


“Tithai tuu samarath” -- the treacherous and impassible world is navigated generously with the sound and grace of the ‘shabd’ . . . the sacred mantras of wisdom. There are moments when you’re climbing a mountain -- you look down at the trail and see so many different places to put your feet with each step you take. Each one of these steps will take you through a different set of circumstances, but they’ll all eventually arrive at the top, or bottom, of the mountain depending on which way you going. The destination is common, but the adventures of the trail are unique. There are many unique adventures caused by the choices in each moment, but destiny is the ultimate outcome and this is guaranteed. Life is just such a mountain trail . . . sometimes you're ascending into your goals, and other times you're walking down for a rest. Each moment has choices -- different ways to view the experience and various places to step. With each choice you receive thoughts, feelings and emotions that dictate the sensations that you're experiencing, but this is not your experience, this is the illusion of observation. In the midst of this illusion, each moment can be considered a triumph, or a tumble – ease, or struggle – joy, or sorrow . . . this is the background of the illusion in time. Such is the path in the moments of time . . . a trail on the mountain of your life. The outcome is your destiny -- this is guaranteed, but the path through the moments is caused by the choices you make. No one is responsible for your experience in the illusion; no one controls the sequence of your events, and the sooner you have this realization, the faster you’ll arrive at your destination. I once walked a mountain every morning with an elder ‘wisdom-keeper’ who was four times my age. He beat me up and down this mountain every day because . . . he said, “When I walk the mountain, I only walk the mountain.” Our prayer is that while walking the mountain of your life, this is all you’re doing; that you take full responsibility for the experience you’re having, and make the most of wherever you are, whenever you’re there. “Tithai tuu samarath” . . . sing for joy and you’ll find it . . . it’s a universal law.