Shunya: The Infinite Void


In meta-physics, we know that the universe is only a part of a far vaster multi-verse. Each individual universe within this multiple system has its own central sun, the “bang” driving creation forward. Like bacterial spores in a petri dish, these spots of creation have sprouted in more than one location at once. Like the bacteria in the petri dish, the entire system is constantly growing, multiplying and expanding. Beyond these material points is what we refer to as the infinite void, endless zero space; Shunya (Sanskrit).

All of this operation is continuously generating matter to this day, conducting this production of the five elements and the five forces and the countless conditions that maintain this material world – all recognizable to our five senses. There are worlds upon worlds within these dimensions, extending beyond anything that we can possibly measure.

From this outward view of the macro worlds, there is an inner view that reverses back down through matter into the miniature perspectives of the micro worlds. The cells and the atoms and the sub-atomic particles – the entire system, inwards and outwards, self-organizes, chaotically, chaordically and orderly. It is chaotic when it needs destruction, chaordic when it needs re-generation and it is orderly during the brief points of each life.

Our human free will sits in the middle of this entire operation. It sits there actually thinking that our world and our involvements in the world are of great importance. If you can actually comprehend the vastness of this entire system you will have to conclude that your circumstances are but an immeasurable blip on the screen of it all. What you are is only meaningful to the whole – when you are in tune with the whole. When you aren’t, out of harmony and at odds with this infinitely vast system, you are meaningless. Literally, without meaning.

Every day it is up to you to become tuned up. In tune with this giant and make your life meaningful to this enormous construction. Have a role in its unfolding by becoming an asset to the creation of creation. Relax and surrender to its vastness. Relate to it through your daily routine. Become a micro-bit of the gigantic event, and in this way you will connect to joy, enthusiasm and your fulfillment. This is the next evolution of human consciousness, the greatest possibility of your life.