Show Up


There’s a unique sound and rhythm to your existence; your heart mimics this tone, beat and pulse . . . your heart is unique. Throughout the multiverse there’s great light, and great darkness . . . your uniqueness has experienced them all . . . countless times. The current time is foretold in the Bible, the Torah, the Koran and the Vedas . . . every path forecasts this moment of now. Each time you’ve experienced lightness and darkness, you’ve been cutting a facet in the diamond of your existence . . . not a sensory experience of your existence, but the very core of the momentum within your moments . . . the vibrations within the particles within the parts. Just as your DNA markers are unique; your fingerprints are unique; your iris print is unique, and the print of your voice pattern is unique . . . the print of your heart’s tone, pulse and beat is fully yours, and only yours. It experiences this darkness with the will to correct it . . . to light the way. You’ve been assigned to this darkness on this planet of your life, in this time of your life, for the sake of the planet’s life. It’s a moment to experience the difference and make a difference. When time is dark, you’re here to be light, and in the moments of light, you’re here to enjoy. In the face of the current danger and darkness, you're a warrior of accuracy, not violence. In the face of the current ignorance and folly, you’re a scholar without judgement. In the face of the joy and light at the core of your being, remind yourself of who you are being. For you’re a master and a prophet in a world of greed for profit; you’re the bearer of miracles and masterpieces and it’s time to stop performing them in the backyard of your life . . . move out onto this world stage of making a difference. You’re not alone, it’s a giant game of tag. Our prayer is that you know both you and the darkness are here for a reason; that you know in great risk, your faith is deeper; when your faith is deep, your prayer is louder; when your prayer is loud, angels show up. Enter the risk on this Earth as a warrior; bask in the joy of your ‘self’ as a lover, and show up in these times of darkness as a savior . . . tag . . . you’re it.