Shift the shape of space


When the times of life make you feel like crawling under your hoody and hiding -- think on this ... Every moment of time is a point in space, and time passing is just these points switching and mixing up their positions . . . all the points are always still there, always present in the fabric of space-time. This is both the scientific and the mystical perspective . . . and a cosmic reality as well.  A mystic has a sophisticated system of viewing this reality and it was prevalent in their astronomical observations of the ancient world. Measuring great distances in the fabric of space; understanding the mechanics of great periods of time (past, present and future), and a knowledge of the frequencies that regulate the structure of matter . . . all were common practice in these ancient moments in the life of a mystic. Another expression of their great genius as wisdom-keepers was their ability to encode these complex systems of knowledge with profound truths and produce a methodology to use pictures, postures, symbols, words and stories that would endure down through the ages. This formed the science of what we today call yoga, meditation, mantra and mythology. By the way, the difference between mythology and history is that mythology is true. Our prayer is that you become the mystic that you actually are; recognize this role whenever you want your hoody as a place to hide; turn such a moment into your meditation sanctuary and use it to discover ways that transform, shift and mix up the points of space-time into alternate formations of inspiration and joy. Be the mystic. Bend the time. Shift the shape of space.