Share Your Awakening


The force that allows sacredness to become pertinent and applicable to this world of three and four dimensions comes in the form of courageous commitment. Sacredness is always sacred, but if it wishes to actually play a role in the world of form -- to be a player that makes a difference and changes the world for the better -- it must also have a force. This is what’s meant by grishtha ashram . . . this is what is meant, in the practice of kundalini yoga, by “keeping up.” Yogi Bhajan would say, “Keep up and you’ll be kept up.” Prior to the concept of grishtha ashram, whenever a person would achieve a state of sacredness, they would run to the forest, or the hills with their sacredness and enjoy the sanctuary of their own ashram. Grishtha ashram means that one is a full participant in the world . . . maintains an enlightened practice . . . yet takes this sacred enlightenment out into the world to inspire the world into its own sacredness. This enables the ‘trauma’ -- that’s so prevalent in the outer world -- to mirror the ‘dharma' . . . sacredness of the inner world. This is your role as a teacher of the sacred aspects you experience . . . of how your aspirations have become actualizations . . . guiding the world through its growing pains and interacting with the traumas being experienced by its inhabitants. Just by your mere presence there’s a seed planted in the consciousness of those who are challenged; just by your presence there’s hope generated in the hearts of those who’ve become hopeless. Our prayer is that you’re inclined to get out in the world and share your awakening with all who need the experience of possibility; that your confidence empowers your presence, and brings you into the presence of others without hesitation; that you enjoy your sacredness, but don’t shelter it -- have the assurance of equality without exhaustion . . . the experience of empathizing while remaining clear as you. This is the true purpose of your awakening -- and the true value in being a 'householder' with special awareness.