Self Realization


Life, in the earliest, turbulent, volcanic oceans of Earth, began noticeably breathing 3.3 billion years ago. This recognizable life moved onto the land some 400 million years ago. All of these “long-clock” activities were developing the consciousness that’s currently very close to recognizing, and connecting with, the central force that’s driving each piece of breathing matter. Absolutely everything that’s happened in all these events of life has been for self realization . . . even the purpose of space, and the reason for time was caused by this force’s longing to be known. As a law of logic -- at the deepest core level of anything that’s this unchanging . . . it always has been unchanging, no matter what. When something is omnipresent . . . it’s always been present; when something is never old, or new, but ageless and inexhaustible . . . this stability prevails forever. This same unchanging force was present before any world began . . . will remain present when every planet has retired and been physically recycled into black holes. Over eons, this force has been related to as the ‘soul-body’ . . . pieces of which individuate into the physical bodies of the various species throughout the spaces and times. Religions all over history have composed their stories, attempting to drive some sense into this event, but these stories don’t come close to describing what’s actually happening. At best, it’s been described as the holographic projections of a central Soul-point . . . an omniscient force called GOD. But even these discriptions have limitations in comparison to what’s actually taking place. And this just addresses life that’s recognizable to your senses. Everything is -- in fact -- alive. There’s different relationships to time, and a variety of interactions with space that fail to be recognized as life. The rocks are breathing, but you won’t be around long enough for your senses to recognize the shifts from inhale, to exhale, to inhale. Our prayer is that you allow your faith to fill the gaps when your senses fail; that, when it feels like nonsense, you allow trust to take the lead; that you stop searching for the guarantees, and begin acting as a guarantor . . . take the chance of a lifetime in this lifetime.