Self Pity And Self Knowledge


When something goes right in your life, you think that you must be doing something right, that it cannot be a coincidence. Do you know what the word means?Coincident, two things happening together. It was just two things happening together but now you're saying it wasn't two things happening together. It was, and you just happened to witness it. Now you try to keep this all in line. I long ago gave that up and in fact, I so long ago gave that up because when I was growing up as a young child, I didn't fit anyone’s image of what you were supposed to be so it was painful early on until it got really cool. First, there was the “oh my God I am so hurt” period. Are any of you still in that phase? Please get over it. If you got a light case of the “oh I am so hurt” it may take you a lifetime to get through it. Carl Jung said that eighty-five percent of all marriages are our revenge from a previous life. Humor me but every once in awhile a part of your marriage is out of revenge. You understand that? We get our feelings hurt and revenge is sweet.

Revenge is one of the sweetest things that could ever happen but it goes bitter real quick. We develop revenge out of our lower chakras—the need to survive and the need for approval. I was so disapproved of as a child. My parents were yogis so we had a household that was a sanctuary. I would walk out into the world and think, “my God what is going on out here”. My parents were old enough to be my grandparents. Back in the forties, that was unusual. I was visiting kids that were being raised by kids. My five-year old buddy, had a twenty-four year old mother. There was more chaos in his house hold than I had ever seen in my life.