Self-ish to Self-less

Part Four: The psycho-emotional-energetics of all parts of your body have many powerful reasons for existing beyond their obvious physical functions. In the holistic picture of your life, these additional -- and sometimes subtler -- functions are as essential as the primary physical ones. The spine -- from the bottom to the top -- presents your inspirations, innovations, epiphanies and transcendent transformations. This is the Kundalini rising, and it's the core of your higher consciousness in action. The spine runs through all seven of your internal major chakras; connects the nervous system with all of your glands and organs; carries messages from one system of your body to another, and holds you upright to access the higher powers of the brain. It's literally at the base of your ability to stand up for yourself; be yourself, and discover what you're all about in the three dimensions of space. In the fundamentals of your life, one key portion of this whole system is known as the 'lower-triangle' . . . the lower three chakras. These are dedicated to maintaining your physical world -- your survival (first chakra); your rate of approval in the tribe/clan (second chakra), and your value to life (third chakra). The glands and organs connecting in this triangle are physical energetics, reproduction, and digestion/nutrition. This is the only world most the people on Earth concentrate on . . . the only world the majority of humanity relates to. No wonder there's such viokence and chaos today. Our prayer is that you master this lower triangle with one third of your time, and use the remainder of your life to transcend this self-ish realm into the self-less realm of your heart center and the higher triangle . . . doing this practice on a daily basis. Here you'll find the magic that goes extremely well with the essential lower logic. Then you're able to focus on your higher purpose; your inspiration; your vision, mission and destiny -- the parts of life that fulfill your life and recognise there's no limits to time or space . . . you have forever . . . everything's possible.