See Yourself in All Others


Objective studies have shown that wolves have over two thousand different howls, with the differences being in tone, pitch, intensity and fluctuation. Domesticated dogs have these same differences in their barks. The conclusion is that the words, in the animal world, are tonal words, not words made up of syllables differentiated by letters. This same study could be down throughout the animal kingdom and find that all creatures have complex language and communicate extensively. They’ve found that horses recognize your facial expression . . . the angle of your head and body. This is also the way they communicate with each other. When humans think of animals as less intelligent than themselves, it’s not a measure of intelligence it's a judgement of misunderstanding. When you think about it, it’s actually humans who lack the intelligence to perceive the intelligence of animals . . . you even do this with each other. That's because human intelligence tends to be exclusive and competitive rather than inclusive; to think of exceptionality rather than commonality -- it is this same attitude that pits one group of humans against another. Nature does not participate in this; when there’s a herd, or a flock mentality amongst other species, it’s not about ideology, but for procreation and their life order. The human exceptionalism creates death by war; justifies ruthless violence; eliminates compassion and opens conflicts around the world. It allows the slaughter of so many animals on a daily basis that this industry is the number one cause of atmospheric oxygen loss. There was even a time when humans did not consider that other animals have a soul . . . still prevalent today . . . another obvious lack of intelligence on our part. When you get right down to it, humans are the only animal on Earth that is globally disruptive . . . that’s not at all intelligent. Our prayer is that you see yourself in all others; discover the unique intelligence in all creatures; adjust your diet to be a friend to life, and allow all life to prosper.