sanctuary of your treasures


Subatomic particles are the tiniest elements of matter . . . smaller than an atom they include electrons, protons, neutrons, six types of quarks ('up', 'down', 'bottom', 'top', 'strange', and 'charm'), bosons, photons, neutrinos and gluons that hold them all together. Photons and neutrinos are produced in huge quantities from the sun and other stars, while the rest are components in all matter. At this subatomic level, called quantum measures, every particle of space and moment of time contains the potential for everything . . . both the trash and the treasures are always available at this threshold of existence. Particle physics and nuclear physics are the modern studies of the logic of these particles. Metaphysics is the ancient study of the magic of these particles . . . known as the 'treasures' of prakirti. Both systems are aware that the pathway to these treasures has a cost. In modern physics the cost is known as, "for every action there's an equal reaction." In metaphysics this cost is defined as the path you navigate through the world's disruptions to arrive at the sanctuary of your treasures. In both physical and metaphysical technology, at this quantum core level of physical matter, it's been found that sound has a profound affect. Sound is the foundation, a bridge between the spiritual sciences of the ancients and the common sciences of the modern times. For example, modern medicine finds great results with sonograms, while metaphysics changes life through mantra. Our prayer is that you realize the balance between the trash and treasure in your life; use the sound of your own voice to influence which you want to experience at the quantum core level of your world, and be grateful that all paths can lead to whatever you desire.