Sailing Through Existence


Humans are social animals. Befriending somebody means accepting their quirks and qualities alike. Relationships must be seen through the eyes of gravity, the eyes of levity and the eyes of neutrality. Without the discipine and support of levity to act as a guide through this maze, entropy will bring in gravity and any relationship will fall down. Gravity wins when left as sole ruler, it pulls everything down. It is a law that cannot be avoided. Respond to gravity with levity, rather than with unrestrained emotions.

Remember: relationships are boats co-occupied in which you cooperate and collaborate to coexist as sailors through the winds of timespace. Working on any one relationship begins with accessing your personal participation and leveraging the most out of all your greatest qualities.

Deliver this sensation of truly living. Foster what you were sent to Earth to experience and build upon the connections of life. This will cause you to experience your life as it is and as it can be.