Sailing the Winds of Gravity


Sailing the winds of gravity through realms of opportunity is the future pathway for impossibilities to become possible. You'll travel these winds to solve dilemmas of the present with the skills of the future . . . you’ll work in miracles. These are the mental frequencies that the Buddha, Mohammed, Krishna and Jesus lived in. They were human, just like you, but they'd disciplined their bodies, minds and senses to capture the faint winds of levity at will. It’s on these winds they'd sail the vast oceans of life with deep love and joy . . . even in the times of great anguish. Now, those same times of great anguish are again on Earth, and any form of blame completely misses the mark. It's moments like these when supreme lightness and levity are required . . . like walking on water; like healing with the touch of your hands; like the moving the mountains across desert sands; like the sailing with the winds of gravity on carpets of unimaginable magic . . . this is the lightness of levity. You’re the new prophets in a world being destroyed by profits . . . a false measure whose value is failing. Things do fall apart when no one’s leading the way, and right now it's your turn to lead . . . no one else is. Because you've not yet accepted your authority to accompany your great wisdom, this causes you anguish, but anguish is the sign that your time has arrived. It’s time to no longer wait back in line . . . It’s time to wake up, rise up, and step up to this task. The clarions are sounding, the angels are calling . . . there’s no time to wait, and no one to tell you to go. Tesla and Einstein saw into this future . . . the lightness and space inside the weight of the atom. This is the path of all the great masters of mastery, turning on the lights that eliminate mystery. The leaders of the mystery-version of life are now the ‘out-of-control’ bullies, with the scapegoats that they’ve created with centuries of ruthless pillage and rampage. Our prayer is that you’ll answer the prayers of the angels; that you’ll accept the prophecy of you being you; that you don't wait in line, and don't lag behind, but step into your role as a master who's mastered this time . . . many times.