I believe that there is no age for Sadhana. The timing will of course change with the sleeping stages of the growing child but the connection with all Life and Cosmic Force is the same. I have the priviledge to experience the best Sadhana, sometimes a few hours after my own morning offering, with a 20 months old toddler. Here is how it started and how it has become her idea now to take me with her on this magical morning practice. The first few times I walked into her room in the morning as she slowly awakens, I pulled the curtain so that a ray of light enters her world. I sit there on the floor, chin in my hand, elbow on the window sill, looking out through the branches of the tree that are in front of me.

“Hi” I said to a beautiful blue jay who came very close… ‘Hi’ said my young friend who came to see what I was up to… We laughed because the bird took off with a very funny sounding “Hi”… We then said Hi to the blue sky, to the sun, the clouds… Hi! squirrel, Hi! to the cat in the neighbor’s window… “Hi” to each other…

Sometimes we stay quiet and just exchange a smile as we hear the beautiful song of the cardinal or watch the spider in the corner of the window setting up camp for the day. Rainy days are beautiful, they bring out our deep contemplative nature from their moving designs on the glass. The first time my young friend was in such contemplation, I learned just how much Sadhana is our most important part to play in joining the ONE, uniting with all powers and forces, visible and invisible. Now, there is not one morning that goes by without us spending some time in front of the window, in the soft morning light where she sometimes waits for me.

Sadhana changes the day for everyone who mindfully makes a gracious entrance into Life first thing in the morning. I find that we have no age difference with each other, with the trees, the water from the rain, the birds… we are all in a perfect moment, together as ONE. . . Life Big Time !

Then of course, the toddler is back and the rhythm picks up with lots of things to explore and learn … Teach your children well and don’t forget, they do what we do, not what we tell them to do!

Shant Joti (Joceline Marechal). Writer, life coach, healer and astrologer.

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