To be at peace with relationships fueled by relief, without searching for words of comfort but sensing the conversation of mutual purpose – it is family striking chords of conscious communication. There are no written instructions that bring you to this place – there are instructions on the inside of consciousness. They bring with them the discipline required to open that place which is already within you. This discipline, known as “Sadhana,” to the ones who practice fulfillment in their life, is an action that takes place before every day.

A Sadhana contains elements which cause the senses to perceive the purpose within each moment. It contains the ingredients that allow the eyes to see the subtle clues hidden behind the obvious. It contains that which allows the ears to hear the subtle instructions whenever new patterns appear in old relations, or brand new relations appear out of the blue. A Sadhana is a practice which puts you in touch with everything you touch. It revitalizes your senses to experience fully and knowledgeably.

Sadhana combines all of the technologies of the body, mind, emotions and spirit and a common sense working relationship. There are some elements contained in other practices, but when combined with a morning purpose, they activate the most conscious and conscientious powers within you.

Take the time, and learn how this could apply to your life. Every day, touch this base. It can begin with something as simple as mindfully breathing when you first awaken.

The starting point is a desire for happiness and fulfillment, and then the inspiration to follow through.