A Compassionate Diet 

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Selfishness is currently ricocheting, as a human social custom, through the entangled woods of pure nature. It’s echoing on and on to demonstrate the distance that humans -- the sapiens who've conquered everything but nature -- have wandered from their inherent balance found in the natural world. Balance has been evolving throughout the Cosmos since its beginning . . . balance driven by surviving, on its journey toward thriving. There’s a real point in the evolution of consciousness in which this need to survive vanishes into an inherent faith and trust, and the ability for life to actually thrive emerges from where it’s always been. This is the immortality gene; it connects the mortal, physical world to the immortal, spirit world. But here on Earth, the sapiens have unnaturally locked into a state of constant aggression -- caused, in part, by their ingestion of the blood-food for which their system was not designed to deal with. As a result of this unnatural diet, sapiens have become the only creature who kills in mass numbers for purely psycho-emotional reasons. There are nerve endings between the teeth and the gums in all animals that notify the rest of the digestion as to what is being chewed, and to get ready to continue the process of digesting it. When this signal comes from the blood of another, there’s an additional predatory signal that accompanies the digestive one. These signals build in a compounding of competition and aggression for which the human system has no natural relation. These signals, when entering a system designed for plant-based nutrition, have no biology to interpret them. You’re standing in this world as a carnivore, without the biology to process the blood-based signals . . . the result is violence.

Our prayer is that you regain the balance of nature in your diet; that you recognize the logic of your digestion and its plant-based design, and in doing so, you establish the compassionate lifestyle you were born, as a homo-sapien-human, to prosper in and enjoy. 

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