Know, Not Wait

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Humanometry is a way of measuring the totality of your human experience. When you clearly understand where you come from, you can consciously understand where you're going to . . . your destination and destiny are all right there within the topography of these measurable inclinations. This is why it's vitally important to recapitulate all of your experiential memories; to clear the emotionally charged particles of information held from the past, and open your view of the details at their source . . . at their essence . . . at their code of excellence. This source is the coding in all the substance of your programming and the reasons you exist. It's this essence in the history of your existence that’s connecting you across the distances of all time. It's in these distances of all time that your sense of space measures the individual destinations within your destiny. When you have a clear sense -- an accurate sense of your time amongst all this space -- here you begin to engender hope and patience. This hope is a knowing -- not waiting -- and a deep part of the emotional form contributing to your successes. As this time contributes to your successes amongst all of the space, you relax into the parasympathetic nervous system and your brain slows its rhythms. This is the theta condition and frequency of the brain, and in these frequencies, solutions and answers are always accompanying their corresponding challenges, blockages, problems, and questions. This is at the source of your motivation and inspiration.

Our prayer is that you’re willing to know and not wait; that you’re beyond the need for a sympathetic response to your longing and waiting, and that you collect all the vitality in these uncharged memories -- clear -- simple -- pure -- energetic -- motivated and inspired to make a dramatic difference. 

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