Beyond Rational Explanation

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Humanometry, the measuring of human experiences within the structures of human existence, measures beyond the recognized dimensions. The quantum-scientific world has demonstrated somewhere between eleven and twenty-seven dimensions . . . theories of math, but soon to be proven by high-tech observations. And then there are the yogis of ancient times who said there are actually four times this many . . . some 108 dimensions. In deep meditation, they envisioned the distance between the Earth and Sun as 108 times the Sun’s diameter -- while the distance between the Earth and Moon is 108 times the Moon’s diameter. 108 became meaningful as they measured beyond the farthest stars and inside the deepest subatomic parts of matter. All of the physical dimensions; the two dimensions of absolute value; the third dimension of space, and the fourth dimension of sequential time are, in fact, just a simple starting point. The fourth dimension of time is even constructed of memories, anticipation, and the presence of the present. It’s constructed from the senses passing through space . . . all mutable and “crackable.” When you slow life’s rhythms down, time can be manipulated like shifting perception through a slow motion. Memories often stir up winds that blow emotions, thoughts, feelings and plans either along, or off the road of life . . . or they create the dead calm of a sailor's nightmare. Memories are a work of fiction, but always related to as the “truth.”

Our prayer is that you relate to these measures beyond measure; that you know there’s a Cosmos beyond rational explanations; that you’re comfortable with this vastness as the nature of the world, and then strive to capture ever more acceptance in every part of it . . . because it's far beyond being exactly as it is, and it’s even beyond that. 

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