Believe In Your Meditative Imagination

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Within a meditative imagination, allow your ancestry to walk with you on the path of now. As time is a continuum -- like a sort of multi-dimensional Mobius strip -- this ancestry, all those who have gone before you, are right there with you in this moment as well. It’s only the limits of ‘sensory-memory’ that define the past and future as not being an integral part of the present moment. In this same way, future growth, conscious maturity and miraculous wisdom are all part of this same lawless law of infinity and eternity: everything is everywhere always. What you are to be you already are.

The shine is already and always on the metal, only tarnish and dullness need be removed to expose it. Even your growth; your wisdom, and your enlightenment of the ‘future-you’ is already and always with you as a person. The immaturity and ignorance must be removed to expose it. The process of removing this immaturity and ignorance and exposing the growth, excellence and wisdom -- the shine of your being -- is a process of doing a little bit every day. This is the way of the way known as daily practicing . . . having a daily practice. With this you begin to recognize that the person you are to be is like the tree inside the seed. It’s in there as are all of the trees of their future seeds, and since time is an illusion, it can be molded and altered with your efforts. The daily practice is a way of channeling these efforts.

Our prayer is that you honor and believe in your meditative imagination; that you know the future you is already and always with you; that you build upon its accuracy and intuition by practicing your daily practice each day, and that you bless life with this meditative imagination in the most benevolent ways for yourself; your ancestry, and your world. 

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