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Lord Buddha realized in revelation -- while sitting at the river -- the river is always changing, and yet it's always the same. Such a meditative observation, and the meaning within every moment, relies on composure and compassion, rather than comparison, or competition, to extract the subtle similarities and unique differences of a moment. With these observations you’re able to measure the trajectory of its timing and the implications of its space that gains both a personal and impersonal perspective . . . active and interactive.

This allows you to recapitulate every event in your life -- past, present, and the future . . . all without attachment. You can then rewrite the story of your life and your bloodline -- your lineage and legacy -- to comprehend the past and present, and create a future you want to live. Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha, Zoroaster, Mithra, Krishna, the Sikh Gurus and all of the other great Masters and Messiahs did this . . . all the ones you’ve heard of and the equally great women you perhaps never have. Let their meditative observations become a mutual ritual between you and your thoughts; your feelings, your purpose and your relationships with these Prophets. Let this become a part of your daily worship and practices -- using all of the prayer, yoga, meditation, walks, talks and contemplative activities to delve deeper into the quantum of every moment in your life. This is where you’ll find your relationship with your Prophet and all of the masters . . . this is religion (realize-origin).

Our prayer is that you'll become a master practitioner of your chosen practice; that with the inspired help of your chosen Prophet, and with, or without a religion, you’ll make the impact on this world you were born to make; become the change you want to see; the person you want to be, and release the freedom you want to free . . . for yourself and all those you make contact with. 

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