The Parasympathetic Approach  

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The parasympathetic nervous system is the calming half of the central nervous system . . . the half that finds solutions in a haystack of frustrating challenge, rather than setting the stack on fire. It's deeply aware that every moment is arrived at honestly, and even dishonesty is arrived at honestly. When it’s understood that every person, in every moment, has come through their previous moments -- both in this lifetime and the many lifetimes of their ancestry’s influence through DNA and physical lineage -- then you have compassion, rather than comparison when dealing with their antics.

A person who is very hard to understand; distasteful to deal with, and even attacks, belittles and confront you -- they too must be considered in this same way. There’s actually a Vedic proverb, that when translated says: “A fertile field is always full of shit.” Knowing when to tonify, and or, sedate a moment is a key quality of the parasympathetic system. It considers -- when you cannot deal -- you make certain to know it’s temporary, not forever. This way you can get back when your skill sets have improved . . . you're not breaking all your mirrors. Every moment is the source of every “thing,” and your experience in any moment is either the reward, or the reminder of the "thing." When you're frustrated, it's simply a reminder . . . and the person who causes this is simply the messenger. Consider it energy, and take no offense to the offensive . . . this is the parasympathetic approach.

Our prayer is that you invest time each day to slow your breathing and brain down and enter the parasympathetic nerves; that by doing this you take a calmer look at your moments; that you use yoga, meditation, contemplation and gentle conversation to wander through this calm, and make it your home . . . often. 

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