Maximizing Your Earthly Success

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The human brain has a capacity -- currently not commonly active -- to navigate, calibrate and calculate from eleven to as many as twenty-seven extra dimensions. The existence of these dimensions has been known to yogis forever; currently proven with mathematical formulas, and now quantum science is investigating and debating how many there actually are; how they function, and how they can be used. Whatever the number ends up being, their qualities are certainly far more encompassing than the three and four dimensions currently in use to navigate life on Earth. These new dimensions have powers and abilities unimaginable at this time in life, but quite necessary for the future of life. Researchers have located the areas of ‘neuro-fields’ in the human brain that could manage the unique structures and spaces of these extra dimensions.

Yogis for thousands of years have sat in deep silence; travelled through their meditations, and understood these pathways. It's by developing this comprehension that they discovered and aligned their languaging between the inner and outer worlds. With this the yogis began sensing how to stand and move in asana and kriya; how to hold their hands in mudras, how to utter the syllables of mantras, all to resonate amongst the brain’s two-hundred billion neurons -- each with multiple connections radiating in a web of all directions . . . a web that has no weaver. This is the vast network for successful thoughts and actions . . . all governing the common lower three dimensions of space and the fourth of time. As you view your common world through this advanced lens of higher awareness, there are many advantages for maximizing your Earthly success.

Our prayer is that you’re curious enough to pursue your way through this illusion; that you hold new spaces and open new doors wherever they appear, and that you’re always willing to be the courageous heart, in the heart of all matter, to selflessly lead others through these doors and perceptions. 

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