Trust, Share, Prosper, Flourish 

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In the mid-19th century, a British philosopher and economist, Herbert Spencer, coined the phrase “Survival of the Fittest” in relation to ideas surrounding the ethics of distributing capital unequally through ownership and wages. This was an influence on Darwin’s work, but it didn't start there. Capital had become the measurement of ‘time’ -- as in the saying -- “time is money.” But actual time isn't money, it's a mental construct of a fourth dimension, where the three dimensions of space move through a point in space containing perception . . . like the perception of a human consciousness. It had become far easier to move space through any point of observation by using money, to hire labor, than it was with a personal effort. And therefore, time became money. It's as if those with great wealth were buying the ability to move anything, anywhere, at anytime -- giving them privilege. This is when the race to accumulate began in earnest.

However, money was originally invented to ease the exchange of goods in a system of trust amongst people. But, by now it had become a method of accumulation and hoarding to produce exclusive power. This illusion today is an even greater fantasy, where the neoclassical economic system has created fractional reserve banking and exploding debt laden monetary policies . . . simple excuses for stealing and hoarding. For example: at the end of the nineteenth century, eighty-five percent of all capital circulated on the streets where it purchased food, shelter, clothing and energy. Today this is reversed -- eighty-five percent of all capital never touches the street, but remains in a system of speculating on money for money’s accumulation.

Our prayer is that you'll contribute to the world by changing the way money works in your world; that you'll demonstrate the effortless nature of prosperity and share this abundance, not hoard it; that the economics of the future will mimic the original system of trusting and sharing . . . just like the forests of the world do, and they prosper and flourish. 

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