A New Time That’s On Time  

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The vast external universe is in fact your eternal world . . . it goes on out there forever and you’ve travelled it all before. Benjamin Franklin captured lightning in a bottle because he was willing to walk into the forces of this vast eternal external without hesitation and with the courage to experiment. The phantom quantum -- that’s the unrecognizable nature of the future, and like Mr. Franklin, you too can manifest this phantom quantum into your own ideas and desires by using the forces of the cosmic generator in your meditations. The cosmic generator is the source code of faith, trust and the resulting enthusiasm. 

Moving into active lucid dreamtime in your meditations, allows you to dream of a time beyond your time. You can imagine a space and invent it with your experiments. In that space, you can see what the elements of the new time are, and if you want to, you can reproduce those elements accurately to manifest a new time that works better. Lord knows we need this right now . . . big time. Within forever -- being eternal and without reason, or logic -- all time is actually the same moment. Knowing this, one understands that when all appears to be failing -- the observations of struggle can be re-observed from a different angle, from some’time’ and some’where’ else within the same moment and place. This is a natural talent and available within your human awareness. It's the next evolution and it’s needed right now. This magical perspective has not evolved for the eight billion people on Earth to use it yet. It's way outside of their limited, outdated, brutal, power-struggle circles, but you're here to make the shift . . . an essential change.

Our prayer is that you’ll roll up your sleeves and get started; that you’ll dedicate a portion of your logical daily schedule to thinking and feeling magically, and then dream within the dreams of your meditations, of a new time that’s on time. 

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