Your Response-Ability

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Every moment of life, and every activity in life, has a touch of poison and a bit of elixir in it . . . the constant play of opposites is the generator of constant motion. A luxuriant imagination allows every poisonous part of each moment to reveal the accompanying healing elixir within its formulation . . . everywhere and always. Seeing beyond the danger is the way of the sage/warrior; it’s the way that physical and emotional scar tissue heals a wound by absorbing an ability in response. Taking responsibility is what it’s called, responsibility for your own story is the scar, and it's not comfortable, but it heals you entire life. Lord Buddha said, “Sit with any emotion long enough, to completely absorb it, and it will turn into joy.”

Rather than blaming your moments on someone else, responsibility is a way of sitting with your path to heal the experience . . . this ability responds. Not being the victim recycles the contents of your pain into reusable particles for new moments. Your heart then connects each beat to self-affirmation -- an empowering truth breaks out all over your body in the form of unrelentingly commitment. When you experience pain alongside purpose, then these moments -- once you’re done healing the experience -- becomes a gift of lessons learned to deliver to the world. A deep connection into the apparatus of experience -- the breathing of your breath; the beating of your heart -- all sit at your core with a strong physical relationship to your diaphragm, and subsequently a strong mental relationship with the subconscious, which roots at the diaphragm.

Our prayer is that you’ll give your pain a chance to discover its purpose; that you’ll taste the poison and know the elixir is also right there, and then build the luxuriant imagination to guide your life and the lives of others. 

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