Imagine What’s Inside Invisibility

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Throughout the animal Kingdom there are countless languages and subtle signals sent back-and-forth to each other . . . ones that your sensory system has no way of perceiving, and or translating if you could perceive them. This is the most significant and abundant communication taking place on Earth, and it’s amongst both the animal kingdom and plant kingdom. For humans to declare themselves as the most intelligent creature is shallow and shortsighted . . . you really have no idea if this is true. By the standards that you lay out for this measurement, you’ve created a judgment, and a hierarchy, but the use of tools and production of fancy objects outside your bodies does not make you better, or more advanced. In fact you’ve become so reliant on these objects for your survival that this may not be a sign of intelligence at all, but a sign of ignorant dependence.

And, it’s this very dependence upon external authorities and abilities that has created your greatest vulnerability and a threat to this Earth -- which may confirm the falsity of your being the most intelligent. There is ninety percent of the cosmos which is invisible anyway (dark matter and energy), imagine what’s inside that invisibility. Not so much that you need to completely understand everything, but at the very least acknowledge that "things", symbols, signals and languages existing that you will never perceive, or understand. Not all creation was produced within your five sensory range of perception . . . within the spectrum of your five limited senses.

Our prayer is that you recognize you are amongst the incomparable; that this is part of the magic and miraculous nature of the Cosmos, and that it’s acknowledging the existence of this invisibility that gives you your greatest sense . . . a sense of hope . . . a connection with all other creatures . . . animals and plants. 

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