Forgive Failures

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Allowing a day to begin without preparation, clarity and focus is like allowing the random circumstances of life to control the path of your life. Alternately, having some form of personal daily practice -- one that begins every morning -- is a voice in the wilderness of all your decisions; the subtle choices; the ones that control you from inside your subconscious, before awareness, or intellect arises to apply to your life. It’s these deeper portions of the human psyche that make you either a player in your game, or just the ball on its field.

Are you the conscious one, or being kicked wherever life kicks you, and how much of each of these are you being on a daily basis? The desire to become a player is not an instantaneous talent: first you have to believe you have the authority . . . the right to be a player; next you have to learn the skills of playing and then apply them to playing well. And take a note here: when you first attempt to play any game, you play it so poorly you can easily become disheartened. This is when you’re tempted to go back to being the ball, to having no control and nothing to worry about . . . except ultimately everything. This is when you must pull yourself up; pep yourself up, and keep yourself up to deliver with authority. Learn and master the skills; then make all the mistakes that accompany any learning, and do so with compassion and forgiveness. This is the “way of the way” as described in the Tao. This is the way that builds your world into a world you can appreciate and lovingly implement . . . daily.

Our prayer is that you take on this authority to produce your opportunities; that you implement probabilities out of possibilities, and though the road to your success is not the easiest one, nevertheless it’s [your] road . . . appreciate it . . . forgive the failures . . . travel forward. 

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