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Commitment is the sealing off of all failure options . . . leaving no escapes. This employs the laws of nature like . . . "never corner a wild animal" -- for when there’s no escape, resistance becomes its strongest. There’s another phrase, “a committed relationship is a ship -- not a relation canoe -- all passengers can stand up without capsizing.” If in fact it’s also true, “There’s a way through every block.” -- as one of the Aquarian sutras in Kundalini yoga states -- then this strength in commitment is a way of finding it. The quantum law of infinity, for example, is that every part of infinity is also infinite . . . extending in all directions, at all times. Therefore, when there’s no way through, there must also be, a way through . . . all ways . . . at all times. There’s another sutra that says, “See the other person is you.” When you see another person is you, you’re viewing a relationship from infinity -- the world of spirit and soul -- you’re experiencing the experience at its essence.

When you see the other person is you, there’s a responsibility to understand the fundamental nature of perception at this soul level. That is: all perception is a combination of beliefs; expectations, and experiential filters. These contribute to the perception in the observation, and contribute to the feelings; to the conclusions, and to the known. The observer and the observed are infinitely intertwined. When a couple has been together for a long period of time, there are deep founded beliefs; there are cycles upon cycles of expectations, and there are many subtle experiential filters tangled within -- what yogis call -- “intertwined neurosis.” Beyond the quantity of reasonable amounts, there lies an opportunity to bring actual ‘commitment’ back into the relationship, and with this comes the power of infinity . . . comes forever.

Our prayer is that you’ll give commitment a chance in the forever nature of all your relationships; that you’ll create the miraculous strength and find the way through every block, and in this state of standing up, be the wild animal that succeeds. 

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