Become Solutions For The Present

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In prehistoric days of barbaric pre-humans -- there were no ethics; no morals, just the use of force along with biological immaturity and psychological insecurity governing interactions between individuals. The current inappropriate attention, and deeply disturbing sexual misconduct, is again a fundamental biological immaturity and psychological insecurity. These are present day physical adults displaying systemic urges of infancy based in the mammal’s original source of nourishment (obsession with the breasts), and a returning to the womb (an obsession with the original safety and comfort).

When an adult becomes a sexual aggressor, predator, and molester, they're either unable, or unwilling to grow out of and manage these infantile urges. As societies have formed out of the brutal past, there are now morals and ethics developed as rules of living beyond the brutal histories. These deviants have regressed in terms of human evolution . . . definitely not at all prepared to take on the leadership of anything to do with human wellbeing. This means 'not fit' to lead religions, corporations, or nations. And yet, the occurrence of these sexual predators being in positions of social, religious, and political power is unfortunately common in today's human world. Due to social standards being driven by power struggles -- the practices of a collective barbaric past -- those who are the perpetrators have deviated from progress, and their capital now purchases power. Therefore, there’s always strong possibilities of prehistoric brutality permeating the high offices of nations, religions and corporations.

Our prayer is that you recognize this disease and apply your deep wisdom from the future to come up with solutions for the present; that you understand this is not about bad people, but about an evolutionary pattern that can no longer be tolerated on Earth, and then assume your leadership role in formulating protections and safety for all who could be victims. 

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