Create Unity Out Of The Diversity

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There are neurons throughout your body, with the greatest concentration in your head. But there's also significant concentrations in the gut and the heart. With over one hundred billion neurons in the brain of your head, each neuron is a fully functioning supercomputer that's active for around three years. This system, in mammals, has been aggressively evolving for three hundred and thirty millions years. The next phase of evolution will need to advance the other two neural concentrations, the ones in the gut and the heart. This is the evolution that's required to create connections to physical and social nourishment (the gut) -- and loving interactions, the giving and receiving of successful relationships (the heart).

A complex world has been created and assembled by the headbrain, and this brain in your head is capable of analyzing these great complexities. But it’s at complete odds with any capacity to create unity out of the diversity. It’s an analytical formation and resorts to competition and combat far too early in the process of the analysis. Compassion is not part of this headbrain’s equation, because compassion leaves too many pathways open, and closing pathways is a key part of the headbrain’s protective analytics. All of the violence and trauma of this time on Earth, is a result of this and shows the need for evolving the more advanced qualities of compassion and community. This advancement is essential for a world of eight to ten billion human inhabitants . . . clearly the numbers of the future if the Earth survives.

Our prayer is that you will be one of the leading pioneers and advocates of rapidly developing the brains for this future; that you will reduce your two dimensional obsession of competition and increase the five and six dimensional cooperation, correlation and coordination to create a world that serves everyone, not just the few. 

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