Inclusion For Everything  

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Within stillness, everything is moving . . . the only ‘thing’ not moving, is nothing. ~ Lao Tse. The universality of infinity has this nature of inclusion for everything. So how is it then, if a few masters have been able to do miraculous things, that not everyone can accomplish these same things? The answer is that no person, or master has ever been created differently than you; they did not contain one atom with more cosmic power than you, but by their right use of belief, they developed miraculous powers. Therefore, the answer lies in the nature of belief. The flaw is in the limited connection between the brain and the universal mind. The universal mind has every miracle to offer, and the brain has access when it believes it does. And when it doesn’t believe, it doesn’t have.

This is the mortal limitation, and it can only be disassembled with an immortal authority -- an authority -- like happiness -- that’s found within. Now is a time of radical requirements; now is a time for radical disruption . . . conscientious objection to the status-quo. This is a time when you are to become one of the persons with this immortal authority you’ve always suspected you have . . . but were never courageous enough to actual portray it in public. Now is the time to portray it, and radically display it . . . this super-conscious objection to the status quo, you were born for this. This is the time of a mass awakening of those destined -- in this moment -- for global movement. Often the ones who’ve experienced the most intimidation and discrimination will lead the future into the present.

Our prayer is that your memory serves you with this sense of your immortal authority; that you have this in your intuitive imagination, and will access such incredible beliefs of building radical models in your world, and then in the future of the entire world for all to prosper in. 

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