Wake Up Your Heart 

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Ancient masters understood that external weapons make for an unconscious fight, a conscious battle only uses the body, hands and feet. Now, technology is exceeding the awareness, and historically this formula is weaponized in a reign of ignorance around the absence of connection. As weaponization and ignorance grow, the ability and willingness to use it grows exponentially. This drives the industrialized world -- fueled by the greed that has stripped opportunities from the masses and extracted hope from their lives -- a toxic mixture of weapons and despair produces dangerous individuals roaming the land with horrendous expressions in the ready mode . . . their weapons all with the safeties off. The more modernized the environment, the more frustration storms in behind; then it’s only a matter of time before they express this frustration through the barrels of their weapons at random, innocent, vulnerable targets held as the blame in their brain.

Today we have a perfect storm haunting the streets, malls, schools and theaters of the twenty-first century; here we have the epicenter of ignorance, hopelessness, and externally weaponized technology in abundant supply. Because the purpose of life is to expand consciousness; to expand awareness; to work with differences fairly and consciously -- engaging in unconscious battles only moves people away from each other. Yogi Bhajan would quote the ancient proverbs, “Between two there is love, but between three or more there’s a business, and business must be governed.” There must be conscious mediation directing the motives of business away from selfishness. In today's world this is upside down; profit has replaced the Prophet, and people pay lip service to the Prophets who abided by, “Thou Shalt Not Kill.”

Our prayer is that you know the universal matrix is made up of strong polarities; that they are adverse to an unfair battle; that within their equalities in these polarities there’s an elevated paradox waking up in your heart . . . an idea, a solution, a friend who’s right there to make a connection. 

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