You Are A ‘Source-Seer’ 

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The pituitary gland -- when used as a ‘third-eye’ -- is a means of living as an intuitive seer. An ability everyone has, but usually only practiced by the few who are born with the talent fully developed. As time enters this evolutionary crisis period, the ancient masters understood that the powers of intuition would be required. They developed techniques to see through time and beyond space . . . known as opening the eyes of GOD. This was bound in secrecy by those hoarding power, but it's a very practical step-by-step process. In today's world of articulate medicine, all these techniques and steps can be verified in real anatomical terms. The optic chiasm -- an X-shaped intersection in the optic nerves as they pass through the brain from your two eyes to the brain’s optical cortex. It disconnected to aid binocular vision as human eyes evolved toward the front of the face . . . the front legs and feet became arms and hands.

This was a turning point in human ‘front-facing’ eyesite, giving optical accuracy and depth perception, but losing the extra-sensory perception. This optic chiasm is located at the bottom of the brain immediately below the hypothalamus space and just in front of the pituitary gland. The optic chiasm is a point of intersecting dimensions, and reconnecting this optic chiasm at the hypothalamus gland and the pituitary gland, allows person to perceive beyond the three dimensions of space; beyond the memory and anticipation of fourth dimensional time, and into the continuum where all spacetime is one point and one moment. Yogis developed these abilities to move back and forth amongst the dimensions of awareness so as to live in this world and access infinity beyond this world.

Our prayer is that you work with your yoga and meditative practices to open your third eye; that you produce an awareness of the continuum as a seer of the source . . . a ‘source seer’ . . . a ‘sorcerer’ . . . and then revel in the wonders of creating a higher world in this world. 

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