A Reality of ‘Now’ 

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The Vedas describe an extreme level of consciousness, which was developed in an ancient time when local communication was the only communication taking place on Earth. As far as non-local interactions feeding the human brain, and cross-cultural communications, there was nothing happening to advance consciousness except the yogis and mystics in deep meditation and local conversation. Language had been developing for a few hundred thousand years, but it was an indicative language rather than a conceptual form. It would indicate something that was either taking place in the moment, or was needed for the moment . . . nothing was being carried from moment to moment . . . Everything was now.

Somewhere between one hundred-fifty thousand and two hundred thousand years ago, the sapien brain cells began to align with what's known as concepts; conceptual thinking, and carrying a concept -- through communication and memory -- from one moment into a future moment. When this began, two new polarities took place in the human mental construct -- the brain divided events of 'now' into ‘how’. And this ‘how’ doesn’t engage the moment, but preserves an idea of the moment within an opinion, to be engaged at a future time. The past and future were being born and connection was being lost. In the initial stages of this split -- separation between memory and experience, between reality and description -- was not that disruptive, but today people are losing all touch with experience and the result is emptiness.

Our prayer is that you're continuously reaching into the higher world of your world -- through silence, speaking, meditating and stretching -- to deliver an experience within your experience and bring a reality of ‘now’ into your life; that what you gain you share as fullness into the pandemic emptiness . . . bring higher consciousness and experience into everybody’s everyday life. 

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