Envelopment Is A Masterful Tool

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Breaking mirrors is said to bring seven years bad luck. Luck is a word derived from lux, which means light. Seven years is the cycle of karma and also the cycle of the emotional body. Everything around you is a reflection, like in a mirror. And, all together this means, when you break this relation, the reflection that’s right in front of you, you will have to pay for this over the following seven years . . . it takes seven years for the light to recover. For these seven years the light of your awareness is reduced.

But, when you work your way out of the limitations of three dimensional space and the fourth dimensional of time, you're liberated from these reflections and enter the freedom of envelopment . . . completely experiencing the reflection as you in union without separation. Envelopment is the moment in any relation with complete equilibrium, balance, and union . . . zero separation. Envelopment is intuitive; it’s leveraging, and it’s without observing, or witnessing . . . it’s the quality of absolute oneness; connection; comprehension, and compassion. Envelopment becomes a master of all the emotional tools . . . all 1,200 of the angles of experience, entangled in the 7,000 thought forms per beat of the heart. There are 1,200 angles in the human psyche through which you experience each moment. Each moment -- a beat of the heart -- contains 7,000 (approximately) thought forms. This represents 8.4 million perspectives that are always available in every moment.

Our prayer is that you break out of the mirror without breaking the mirror; that you enter this complete envelopment of union, balance, compassion, total connection and equilibrium with great enthusiasm; that you bow to the master inside yourself, and masterfully live in your ecstatic oneness that’s right there . . . alive and always living. 

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