Your Wisdom Map Of Life  

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Enrushya (Sanskrit): The blissful state of an unimpeded path toward your goals; of building wisdom maps in the topography of your inner landscape, and of traveling effortlessly through these maps toward your destiny. You walk these trails through the maps of your life -- along with the lives of all the others who are relating to, and surrounding you. You collect and connect the ectoplasmic threads of these relationships flowing deeply into your character and the character of those relational ties. Without this map, you wander the paths of someone who is living somewhere between a recluse and a predator -- sitting at the edge of the rivers of your world, but never jumping in and actually swimming with life.

It’s now time to allow your opportunities and their various angles of perception to formulate the maps and topography -- in the distance and close proximity -- to create a world that works for your destiny and everyone who’s relating with you. It begins on an actual physical level, inside where your intra-organ communication establishes the moods and modes of your senso-emotional view of the world. This then sets your body’s physical frequency, which includes the brain, and the frequency of your brain determines what thoughts you will receive from the universal mind. These are the thoughts, that lead to the feelings, that lead to the paths you walk toward your destiny.

Our prayer is that you allow yourself to fully stretch into these moments; that you clarify the intra-organ pathways on a physical level with exercise; then allow yourself the meditative space to see the trails most clearly, the space then opens your emotional sourcing to blend and mend into that state of enrushya -- a blissful wisdom map of life. 

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