Traction Before Action

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When in your some of your meditations, you meditate on specific three and four dimensional events, ones made up of real space and time and actually taking place in your world, you can receive multi dimensional maps -- like a GPS map -- that locate where you are and the pathway toward the ideal outcomes. This will draw on the variety of options -- always available -- each with its own set of opportunities and obstacles. You’re then able to determine, in meditation, which pathway is best suited. And just like following an actual roadmap, you begin a step-by-step process toward the destination. As long as you don't get ahead of your steps; you maintain discipline to take each step; refresh your awareness of the meditative map often, and even commit it to some kind of paper-trail in outline form; graphic form, or written text form like a list of the steps.

Then, each day, you can reconstitute this meditative sensation to add detail to the map; the journey, and use memories of other journeys that have occurred. The human psyche has many facets, each one with its own unique skill sets . . . you can multitask. It’s with meditation -- using breath as a catalyst, and visualization as the platform -- slowing the brain rate down; accentuating the imagination; demonstrating the inclinations and implications of every possibility before the fact, that you can work in this multitasking through the details of the map before fact . . . traction before action. This is one of the many forms of meditation; one of the many reasons to maintain a constant practice, and one of the paths toward awakening . . . your enlightenment of eventually perceiving beyond time and before space. The ancient proverb: "Step into the space not yet occupied, to enter the time that doesn't exist."

Our prayer is that you’re willing to take this time before the time; create the maps before your acts; plan the course through the varieties and possibilities of space so that life becomes more accurate; less chaotic; more fulfilling and blessed in ways that establish an example for others to follow. 

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