Survival Must Fit Together  

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Capital -- money as a commodity rather than an instrument of exchange and trust -- steals from those who are unprepared for the game. Manic upswings in trading markets, stimulated by a herd mentality, flip into runaway downturns whenever the collective sentiment shifts on an emotion. It’s mobs roving the streets of time and money . . . the slightest change in attitude creates storm waves in human lives. It’s unstable, volatile and few are ready to play. And there’s no real value in it either, only an unsustainable dopamine hit with each faux “win.” Playing this game is literally playing with the lives of billions of people -- the ones counting on money as their medium of exchange for food, shelter, clothing and fuel . . . essentials of life. Unknown throughout the world of capital today, and unknown to the British in India of the nineteenth century -- is that you must leave enough value in place to serve the population, or else you’ll cause poverty and starvation.

The Indian famine of 1876 - 1879 was caused by the British extracting too much grain for profit in Europe, and not leaving enough in India as food. This caused the deaths of five and a half million Indians. Global poverty of today is being escalated by extracting too much money into the ‘capital game’ . . . not leaving enough on the ground to service the needs of life. Twenty percent of the world is in poverty; thirteen percent is malnourished; twenty seven thousand starve to death every day, and two billion tons of food is trashed each year. This is not a sustainable model -- at this point in evolution “survival of the fittest” will not survive at all. Survival must fit together; care for each other, and enable every specie to flourish.

Our prayer is that you’re aware of the coming revolution, one where “survival of the fittest” is passé; that this model of war and violence has no future on Earth, and a new model must be fashioned to collect all life -- connect all life -- serve all life -- nourish all life -- support all life, and guarantee a future for life. 

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