Foster The Nature Of Your Inner Nature

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The inner world of your intuitive-psyche -- your 'deep-higher-consciousness' -- is a landscape; topography, and stimulant to your senses very much like the outside world. Using a meditative breathing technique to slow your brain’s rhythm -- pacing your breath down to two per minute -- you can navigate this inner perception through its various landscapes.

Taking to these higher perspectives, as if you’re setting yourself on a mountaintop, on a ledge overlooking the vastness of your opportunities within this inner landscape. The “fragrance” (freshness) of the meadows, vastness of the fields and hillsides -- all in this inner landscape -- sends breath deep into your psyche and senses to refresh their vitality and perception. Spend ten, twenty, or thirty minutes, deep in these forests; bathe amongst the trees; discovery the inner content of your moments, and when you’re paying deep attention, the subtle details will be revealed to you . . . the outside world's origins are all angles inside you. Discover how it's working . . . always has been, and always will be the nature of your inner nature. This is the way of the inner way, and why the outer world is just a reflection of the inside. This is the value of visualization, or visceralization -- to feel it all -- when visions aren't defining the details.

Our prayer is that you take the time -- at the beginning of each day -- to recapitulate and revitalize the reasons you exist; that you use this breathing based observation -- sourcing the outside world -- to enhance its value with your imagination; that you keep up this practice to accurately make a difference in your world, and then become a vital component in the construction of the collective higher-consciousness . . . yours and all the ones you can influence. 

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