Live In Tune and Balance 

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Form was first formed within the Cosmos, out of the pure void of nothing. Four primal, quantum activities ignited within this void to compress, express, redress and then re-express the formations of form, over and over again from the vast potentiality . . . something coming from nothing. These quantum activities were tension, pressure, stress and friction rising from the vast nothing. To this day they hold the material Cosmos together in their physical embrace. Life was ultimately infused into this form through another set of four qualities -- ease, joy, knowing and liberation.

The magical miracle of life was inserted into a logical form -- measurable and notable -- a structure through which these fundamental activities, qualities, combinations and permutations of all creation could live. Everything that’s alive (organic), or not alive (inorganic) -- within this self-organizing system -- must adhere to a portion of these qualities in order to sustain itself. When anything is out of phase with any one of these qualities of matter and life, the tension, pressure, stress and friction are no longer enabling, but they’re disabling. Eventually, this disabling becomes disintegrating -- then disrupting, and eventually disqualifying . . . life fails to exist. When you’re attempting to live outside the balance of natural cycles, this is where you'll experience the challenges of tension, pressure, stress and friction -- and you’re devoid of any ease, joy, knowing and liberation in your life.

Our prayer is that you live in tune and in balance with these natures of nature; that you maintain a pattern of practices each day to keep in touch with your ease, joy, knowing and liberation, and that you influence others to be in this same state of balance and health . . . the world is counting on you. 

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